Health Merchant Opportunity

Health Merchant Partnership Program with Green Polkadot Box

The Health Merchant Program is an online organic food store offered by Green Polkadot Box, a store dedicated to non-GMO and organic food and other products

This is a ready to turn on store landing page with all the logistic aspects taken care of by Green Polkadot Box.

What is Included in the Health Merchant Partnership?

Basically it includes what they call a Media Kit, Promotion Kit, store page with your logo, anad an analytics dashboard.

Media Kit includes many different media items including business cards, banners, posters, flyers and media displays for trade shows. Some of these are very well done and are designed to attract customers and promote the brand name of the store.

The Promotion Kit is really directed at existing customers. This is basically sale promotion graphics for the 1 or 2 sales Green Polkadot has each week. These promo items are extremely well done. The company states that they convert customers at a rate of 270% better than the industry average, a bold statement but one that is likely correct. These are truly impressive in their graphic quality.

With the analytics dashboard, one aspect of control for the Health Merchant is being to decide which of these sales and related promo graphics go out to your customers. For those wanting customers to be informed of all sales, all can be left as automatic. But perhaps a store owner is vegan and would prefer to not have a sale on grass fed beef go out to his or her customers. This particular promotion can then be checked as do not promote.

The dashboard also show all customers, their emails and orders. Order success of a particular promo can be analyzed, view top selling products, etc. 

All of this is included with the purchase of the turn key Health Merchant store. Of course the owners own logo is embedded on the store pages of the 2500+ products, any promo and media materials as well.

Future of Organic Food Stores

As organic food and non-GMO foods become more and more in demand, offering them at a average of 35% discount over national or online stores offers the owner the opportunity for a growing store.

Ideal owners would be wellness coaches, chiropractors, bloggers with a following, or anyone that is willing to work hard gaming customers

What is the Job of the Health Merchant Store Owner?

Simply letting people know about the store and getting that message in front of potential customers is the only real job of the owner. All other aspects are taken care of or can be left on auto pilot.

All order fulfillment, vendor relations, customer service, inventory manager are the responsibilities of Green Polkadot Box, which has been doing this for over 4 years.  

My Connection with Green Polkadot Box?

I am not part of Green Polkadot Box.  I have been a customer for 4 years and when made aware of this Health Merchant partnership Program, I recognized it could be a tremendous opportunity for the right business minded person.  Give the program a look here and watch the 30 minute video describing in much better detail than I have done here along with contact info for the CEO.  I know he would personally talk with anyone interested.  
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